Delivery Dispatch Coordinator

Location : Danvers, MA

This position is responsible for efficiently providing solutions to customer questions, concerns and inquiries through a positive and respectful dialogue. Ability to multi-task and effectively manage administrative responsibilities is essential. This position also provides support through various means to the Delivery Manager.

Essential Functions
• Interact with customers and co-workers in a respectful and courteous manner and maintain confidentiality of all customer information.
• Accurately and routinely process route changes and maintain ORS.
• Be receptive of and competently use new technologies.
• Assist Delivery Manager with the following:
• Daily deployment of work force.
• Dispatching of Customer accounts.
• Organization of daily deliveries while maximizing available resources.
• Utilize JDE and ORS systems to fulfill customer requirements.
• Compilation of delivery reports and research results.
• Accurately record weekly timecards.
• Other duties as assigned.
• Complete work assignments accurately and timely.
• Continuously maintain ORS and JDE.
• Maintain a clean and organized work area.
• Keep all customer information confidential and only use customer information in the context of assigned duties.
• Support Mission Statement, Vision and Core Values.

Knowledge, Skills, Experience Required
• Operate a multi-line/function telephone.
• Demonstrated ability to proficiently navigate through application software programs to provide optimum customer service.
• Demonstrated ability to read and write English and perform basic math skills.
• Demonstrated ability to multi-task.
• Reliability and good customer service skills.
• Demonstrated ability to process route changes.
• Demonstrated ability to maintain ORS and JDE.