School Bus Fleets

For managers of public and private fleets, propane-autogas is an ideal alternative fuel choice for several reasons:

  1. It reduces operating costs.
    • Learn how the Alvin Independent School District has saved 50% on fuel costs annually by converting to propane-autogas-powered buses here.
  2. It has affordable, flexible refueling options.
    • Having your own on-site fueling station can save you time and money.  Refer to our page on refueling stations to learn if it is an option that is right for you.
  3. It offers proven performance.
    • In this case study the Connecticut School District has dispelled the myth regarding propane-problems in cold weather – all while saving $200,000 on fuel costs annually.
  4. It lowers emissions.
    • Learn how propane-autogas-powered buses have helped save the environment and the budget for the Portland Public Schools in this case study.
  5. It reduces dependence on foreign oil.

Contact us for more information on propane-autogas and how it might be right for you.