Fuel oil consumer safety

Oil Storage Tanks

Eastern cares about safety; because of that, we inspect all new customer oil tanks prior to making a delivery. Our employees will complete an oil tank inspection form on each new customer and on any new oil tank installed to be certain that it is safe to put oil in. When our delivery representatives begin filling an oil storage tank, they are trained to listen for the vent alarm (whistle), sound right away. If they do not hear this sound they have been instructed to stop the filling process until corrections have been made. If an oil storage tank does not have a working whistle the chances of the tank being overfilled are much higher.

It is important to periodically check your fuel oil storage tank for defects that could possibly lead to a leak. Leaking fuel oil can contaminate water and soil as well as damage property and affect indoor air quality.

Please contact Eastern or a qualified service technician for assistance with the inspection.

What To Do If You See An Oil Spill/Leak:

If fuel oil is leaking from your storage tank or piping, contact Eastern, a qualified oil technician or your local fire department immediately. Make an attempt to contain the leaking oil within a specific area. Try to keep the oil from entering any floor drains or sump pump areas.

We do not recommend that you attempt to repair an oil leak by yourself. Please contact Eastern or a qualified oil service technician for assistance.

Appliance Burner Safety Controls:

Oil burning appliances are equipped with safety controls for your protection. The controls are designed to shut the burner off if they detect something wrong. The controls are equipped with a reset button that may be reset when the appliance burner has shut off. However, for your safety, burner manufacturers recommend you only push the reset button one (1) time in an attempt to restart the burner. If the appliance does not operate once this has been done, please call Eastern or a qualified oil service technician to have service work performed.

Appliance Cleaning and Maintenance:

Eastern as well as appliance and oil tank manufacturers recommend having your oil burning appliances and oil storage tank maintained annually.

Annual cleaning and tune-up of the system also includes verifying of all safety controls are working as designed for your safety.

Please contact Eastern or a qualified oil service technician to arrange to have your system tuned up.

Regular maintenance on your oil system is a good investment. Repairs are sometimes necessary and can add up over the years. Sign up for a Service Protection Plan to protect your investment today.