Delivery Technology You Can Count On

Eastern Propane & Oil has made a major investment in technology to ensure the safety and reliability of your fuel deliveries. Technology is helping us to be a better energy service provider to you.

Better delivery service, fueled by digital technology

Eastern has invested in a system upgrade to Oracle® best-in-class technology, to create a customer centric system that ties all of your account information together, including service, delivery, payments and more.

Every field technician carries a handheld device enabling rapid interface with our ordering systems and instantly scheduling of deliveries and service. On the spot, you are provided with a printout detailing activities and costs.

Our predictive back-end systems take into account your lifestyle, household and past energy usage to schedule your next fuel delivery, so if you are an automatic delivery customer, you never have to worry about calling us for fuel.

You can do so much online with Eastern now, from ordering service and fuel deliveries, getting questions answered, to getting detailed information about your account. We’re able to follow up with you faster for better service as well.