Our Commitment to Driver Training

You’ll notice something different about the Eastern delivery technicians who come to your home. They’re neat, respectful, and extremely knowledgeable about their mission. In fact, Eastern delivery technicians are highly trained to exceed federal standards for energy drivers – and to exceed our expectations for customer service.

Eastern drivers are trained in our own classrooms and hands-on labs

Our Safety & Training department has taught 400 training courses in 8 years to 3,700 Eastern attendees. Of the 55 different course titles offered, approximately 35 of them have been developed in-house by our training instructors. Other courses have been developed by the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), in their CETP and Operator Qualifications curricula.

Delivery representatives are trained in our own hands-on lab, in classes that have been designed by our own in-house instructors

Our standard operating procedures meet or exceed DOT, OSHA or NFPA standards. We train fire fighters in Massachusetts and New Hampshire about how to handle propane incidents – we know safety

Highly-trained, service-oriented technicians

Our field employees are expected to be CETP-certified* as Gas Fitters, Propane Delivery Representatives, Plant Operators, and other disciplines. Most hold multiple certifications, exceeding the requirements of the states in which they work.

Eastern training surpasses industry standards

Regardless of their previous experience, new employees undergo on-the-job field training for 40 hours, in addition to three days of classroom training. This training is primarily focused on our own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Our SOPs offer a standard of training that meets, and in many cases, exceed DOT, OSHA or NFPA industry standards.

Refresher training keeps employees current

In addition to the variety of training courses offered, our employees must complete certain required refresher training as well. Hazardous materials training, operator qualification training and some of the trade licenses held require regular 24-month or 36-month refresher training.

* CETP (Certified Employee Training Program) is the nationally recognized training program for the propane industry. We currently have two in-house certified instructors for CETP.