Wherever propane is used in the home, it’s just as ideal in the hospitality industry: hotels and motels use propane for space heating, water heating, cooking, outdoor lighting, and for emergency backup in the event of power outages.

Your customers know and enjoy propane conveniences

Energy-efficient propane technology ensures that you our guests live, sleep, and dine in comfort, while you keep energy costs down. Some of the best-recognized establishments in New England value our expertise and prompt service.

Propane has proved to be one of the most convenient, cost-effective energy sources, with an uninterrupted supply produced here in the U.S. Consider the applications in your establishment:

  • Food preparation: You know the advantages of cooking over a gas flame. Propane’s also an ideal fuel source for fryers, broilers, and flat tops – even patio heaters and outdoor grills.
  • Hot Water: Tankless systems fueled by propane are an efficient, ever-ready source of hot water for dishwashers and bathrooms. The commercial tankless hot water heater systems typically link multiple, interchangeable units providing both higher output and redundancy ensuring that hot water is always available.
  • Heating: Propane is high in comfort and low in cost. In terms of efficiency, economy, convenience and comfort, it’s the smart choice for creating a warm, welcoming ambiance for your guests.
  • Backup and emergency generators: Power outages are not even a minor nuisance when you have a propane-fueled emergency generator. Keep your food refrigerated and your guests warm, when other establishments are closing their doors. Eastern technicians will install, test, and maintain your emergency backup generator.

Ask an Eastern Energy Consultant to help you plan clean, safe, efficient propane service at your establishment.