Environmental Benefits of Propane

When you choose an efficient, cost-effective, safe and reliable energy source like propane for your home or business, you are actively doing your part to protect and conserve the environment.

Eastern believes it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect and conserve the Earth’s resources so that future generations can live safe, clean and healthy lives. That’s why we specialize in propane-based energy solutions and why much of our fleet is powered by propane. Propane is one of the world’s leading alternative fuels, as qualified under the Clean Air Act Amendments and the National Policy Act.

As a recognized “green” fuel, propane exhaust produces:

  • 60 to 70 percent fewer hydrocarbons
  • 12 percent less carbon dioxide
  • 20 percent less nitrous oxide
  • and as much as 60 percent less carbon monoxide as compared to gasoline.1

Eastern Energy Consultants are experts on high-efficiency energy solutions for homes and businesses. Contact an Eastern Energy Consultant for advice on making your residential or commercial property more environmentally friendly.

1World LP Gas Association and the Southwest Research Institute