Our History

Danvers, Massachusetts 1932

The Clement Family owned a busy hardware store in town, and decided to try their hand at selling bottled gas for customers to use as an alternate power source for home and outdoor appliances.

The demand for this niche side of the business continued to grow until 1959 when the Clements, then under the name of Country Gas Distributors, expanded to become a four-state LP gas retailer and wholesaler. With the spirited guidance from subsequent family generations, the company continued to develop their products and services and was eventually renamed Eastern Propane.

Today, Eastern Propane and Oil is a household name in the communities we serve. For over eighty years we’ve continued to provide the same caring, reliable, and customer-friendly business the Clements envisioned back in Danvers, MA in the 30′s. Although the company has seen tremendous growth and is now the country’s 15th largest propane gas retailer, Eastern continues to be family-owned. We still focus on the values customers would expect by providing a quality of service, products, convenience and satisfaction that rival and surpass other far bigger fuel suppliers.

The trust and loyalty of our customers, plus the dedicated efforts of our employees, have shaped us into the success that Eastern is today.

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