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Eastern Propane & Oil is committed to focusing on you and your energy needs, so you can focus on your customers. Since 1932, we’ve been assisting commercial customers with reduced costs and increased efficiency. Dependability is a vital concept in your business and Eastern is committed to being there when you need us.

Regardless of the size of your business, Eastern can meet your needs. We currently provide services throughout New England to locally owned shops, hotels, restaurants, and malls. Eastern has been helping businesses in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont make smart decisions about what’s best for their bottom line.

As a member of the:

Eastern is a leading supplier with reliable technology, facilities, and delivery systems all put in place to deliver superior product and exceptional service. Best of all, with multiple sources of supply and a combined fuel storage of over 3 million gallons, you can rest easy knowing that supply will always be available for your business, at the most competitive price.


Your customers are relying on you for fast, fresh, and hot meals and you can rely on Eastern. An Eastern Energy Consultant will work with you and your team to be sure that all of your energy needs are met so that you can continue delivering the best experience possible to your customers.

Restaurants like Tuckaway Tavern in Raymond, NH trusts us to fuel their kitchen!


Whether you’re heating a large hotel or Bed & Breakfast, Eastern wants to support your team in making sure your guests are comfortable. From the kitchen, to hot showers, to an outdoor fire pit, our Eastern Energy Consultants will work with you to be sure your guests have an experience they won’t soon forget and will leave them wanting to come back.

Hotels like Stage Neck Inn in York, ME trusts us to keep their guests warm!


The Right Plan for the Right Business

Spend more time growing your business, and less time worrying about the energy required to run it. Contact an Eastern Energy Consultant today for a free site visit.

Our Energy Consultants are highly-trained experts in the field. They go beyond the sale to serve as a strategic resource to commercial and industrial customers just like you.

Advantages of Propane

Almost anything that runs on electricity can run on propane – more economically and reliably. Propane is efficient, readily available, plentiful, convenient to use and store, environmentally friendly, and safe. It’s also a quintessentially American energy source: 90% of the propane we use is produced in the U.S. (the other 10% comes from Canada and Mexico).

Environmental Benefits of Propane

Eastern believes it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect and conserve the Earth’s resources so that future generations can live safe, clean, and healthy lives. That’s why we specialize in propane-based energy solutions and why over 40% of our fleet is powered by propane. Propane is one of the world’s leading alternative fuels. You can find out more by checking out the Clean Air Act Amendments and the National Policy Act.

For Indoor and Outdoor Living

From traditional patios with grills to full-fledged kitchens or pool areas fit for country clubs, propane appliances give you the flexibility to create safe, comfortable living spaces to relax, entertain families, and spend quality time with your family too.

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