You Benefit when Your Fleet Runs on Autogas

For professional landscapers there are huge benefits to converting both their lawn mower fleet and truck fleet to run on propane-fueled-autogas:
  • Lower costs
    • Propane can reduce operating costs compared with gasoline or diesel. Landscape contractors who have switched to propane report immediate cost savings.
    • In this case study, you can learn how a U.S Lawns franchise was able to cut fuel costs by 50% while reducing their carbon footprint by converting to propane-fueled mowers.
    • Propane-powered mowers aren’t only for large landscape companies.  See how a small landscape contractor saved approximately $2.50 per hour mowing, allowing them to remain competitive and outbid competitors just by converting to propane here.
  • Proven performance
    • Top landscape contractors have trusted propane to stand up to the toughest jobs daily.  Twelve of the top mower brands offer propane-fueled options.
  • Fewer emissions
    • Propane reduces harmful carbon emissions compared with gasoline or diesel.  In many places, propane mowers can be used on ozone action days when other mowers can’t, and low-carbon propane often gives contractors an edge when they bid on jobs.
    • Learn how a Florida lawn care company built a competitive advantage by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by simply switching to propane-powered mowers in this case study. 
  • Easy on-site refueling and less downtime
    • Propane offers proven refueling options delivered right to your door.  No more trips to the gas station means more time for your crews to do the jobs that pay.
  • Reduced fuel spills and pilferage
    • With its closed fuel system, propane saves money and protects the environment by virtually eliminating costly, harmful spills and by dramatically reducing fuel theft.
  • Abundant supply produced in the U.S.
    • Propane is made in America, and we have plenty of it. In fact, the United States exports enough propane annually to run the nation’s entire fleet of commercial zero-turn-radius mowers.

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