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Today, you have many options to provide heat and hot water in your home. Eastern has over 90 years of experience in providing comfort solutions to home owners. We can help you find the best solution for your home.

Propane-fueled heat and hot water systems are highly efficient, safe, and reliable. Over 90% of all propane burned in the United States is produced domestically. Eastern maintains a reserve of over 3.7 million gallons of propane and oil storage to serve our customers.

Homeowners with oil-fired water heaters have discovered they have low-cost access to virtually unlimited amounts of hot water. Oilheat’s ability to produce a reliable supply of hot water is one of its strongest features.

If you are considering heat pumps for your heating or hot water needs, Eastern can help you with that too.

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Propane Heating Systems

Heating systems offer the ultimate in heating comfort and energy efficiency, whether you install a central heating system, a space heating system, or a combination of both:

Central Heating

Propane furnaces use fans or blowers to force heated air from a centrally located furnace via ducts throughout the home. They provide up to 25-degrees-warmer air than heat pumps, and most are equipped with electronic ignitions that activate burners only when heat is needed. Some models, are available with vent dampers, which close when the heat demand has been met and trap residual heat for circulation. Propane furnaces have operating lives of 15 to 20 years – 10 years longer than electric heat pumps, and they run in short intervals to minimize operating costs.

Space Heating

Space heating systems include: fireplaces, space heaters, and hearth stoves. Since space heat solutions allow you to heat only the zones that need it, the immediate advantages are greater energy efficiency and fast warmth.

Propane Water Heating Systems

Water heaters are the second largest energy users in most homes. The efficient heating power of propane will keep showers, washing machines, and dishwashers hot – all at once. There are two basic types of propane water heating systems:

Traditional Water Heaters

In water heaters with a tank, a propane burner keeps the water stored at a constant temperature. Tank water heaters have capacities of 30 to 100 gallons. They install just like natural-gas water heaters, using similar connections, space, and venting requirements. Eastern offers models that allow for a number of ways to vent. Conventional, direct, or power-vent models are available.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters save energy because they only heat water when it is needed, avoiding standby loss. The compact design of a tankless water heater allows flexible installations located closer to fixtures and appliances. This reduces the wasted water while “waiting” for the heated water to arrive. The service life of tankless water heaters is up to 2-3 times longer than traditional tank water heaters.

Oil Heating Systems

The heating oil industry has advanced in terms of technology, environmental benefits, and service options, but what may be most important to consumers currently is the price of the fuel. Oil has helped New Hampshire residents save money while keeping their homes safe.

  • Lower heating oil costs can save each NH home that heats in the winter
  • Your annual tune-up is a quick service that can help your system operate more efficiently
  • Depending on the condition of your equipment, upgrading your current oil-fired system can help improve efficiency and reduce your fuel costs

Our communities deserve a safe environment to thrive, which is why since 2018, we have been delivering ultra-low sulfur heating oil instead of traditional heating oil. Ultra-low sulfur (ULS) heating oil has all the features of traditional oil heat, with added benefits for the environment and consumer cost savings. Oil heat has been the top heating choice for homeowners and business owners in New England for decades. It is a safe, reliable, and affordable energy source that generations  have counted on during the coldest winters. ULS heating oil upholds these important values—and then some.

Oil Water Heating Systems

Oil-fired water heaters can give you low-cost access to virtually unlimited amounts of hot water. Contact us today to find out which water heating option is best for your family.

Direct-Fired Heaters

In a direct-fired water heater, the water is heated directly by the heat of the oil flame. You’ll usually find a direct-fired water heater in a home with a warm air furnace. The oil is burned in a combustion chamber under the water storage tank, and hot flue gases heat the water in the tank.

Indirect-Fired Heaters

In an indirect-fired water heating system, the domestic water is heated by hot water from the boiler. In many oil-heated homes, you may find an indirect-fired system that is also tankless. A tankless, indirect-fired water heating system can work in conjunction with either a hot water boiler or a steam boiler. There are three variations: internal tankless coil, external tankless coil and tankless coil with storage tank.

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Better Hot Water Starts With Propane

Propane storage tank and tankless systems heat water more efficiently, and with fewer emissions compared with other options.

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