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Discover the Cost Difference of a Autogas Fleet

In addition to being more environmentally friendly, propane autogas also provides the lowest total cost-of-ownership compared with other fuels.

Use one of the Propane Autogas Calculator tools to determine the cost and ROI of implementing propane autogas vehicles into your fleet. With any of the tools, simply input a few numbers and the calculator will show you the cost of propane autogas compared with gasoline or diesel. In each tool, there are assumed inputs based on industry averages — these inputs are noted in each of the tools.

The Propane Autogas Calculator only shows the cost of the vehicle (including fuel and maintenance) and doesn’t take into account the other benefits of switching to propane, like infrastructure. More information about how propane can further reduce your total cost-of-ownership can be found throughout our website.

Please follow the below steps to use the web version of the calculator:

  1. Select whether you want to compare propane autogas to gasoline or diesel.
  2. Use the slider bars or type in the purchase amount for both vehicles (subtracting any rebates, grants, or incentives that may be available to you for the purchase of the propane autogas vehicle).
  3. Use the slider bars or type in the average MPG and price per gallon for propane autogas and diesel/gasoline.
  4. Use the slider bar or type in the Federal incentive amount (if available).
  5. Use the tabs and tool tips in the right column to see propane’s cost compared with diesel/gasoline.

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