Run Greener with Autogas

Propane-autogas is the ideal alternative fuel for municipalities that have a centralized location for their fleet. Municipalities can enjoy highly reduced emissions for their city, as well as fuel and maintenance cost savings which can be used elsewhere in the budget. An on-site fueling station saves time allowing employees to focus more time on other tasks.

Unified Government, a municipality transit system in Kansas, had initially started looking at alternative fuels as a way to be more environmentally friendly.  They quickly learned that propane-autogas would also allow them to save more than $80,000 in taxpayers money in one year from fuel costs alone.  Take a look at this case study to see how making the switch to an environmentally friendly alternative fuel does not have to be a burden on your budget but instead could benefit it by choosing propane-autogas.

For Sandy Springs Police Department being green was important but it had to make financial sense too.  By converting to propane-autogas Sandy Springs PD was able to displace 167 tons of harmful greenhouse gas emissions all while saving more than $200,000 in fuel costs. They were able to do this in just 2 years simply by operating their fleet on propane Autogas more than 90% of the time.  Read the case study here.

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