Why Choose Eastern?

When you choose to do your propane-autogas business with Eastern you are choosing a company that has been in the propane-autogas industry for over 50 years.  Over the past 5 decades our team has gained unmatched experience and knowledge on propane fuel systems and vehicle conversions.  The Eastern team is able to use that knowledge to provide our customers with service that is second to none.  Our team is able to assist you with your vehicle conversions, design, build and install on-site fueling stations to suit your needs and can even offer support and service for your propane fuel systems.  When you choose Eastern you are choosing a business partner that will be there to help and assist your business with every aspect your propane-autogas needs.

Why Choose Propane-Autogas?

  • Propane-autogas-fueled vehicles have existed for almost 100 years.
  • Approximately 17 million propane-autogas-fueled vehicles are in operation around the globe.
  • Propane autogas is the most widely used alternative transportation fuel in the world.
Domestically Produced
Environmentally Friendly
Safety Advantages


  • Costs less per gallon than gasoline or diesel fuel.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Incentives available for fleet use.

Domestically Produced

  • Approximately 90 percent of propane consumed in the U.S. is pro- duced domestically.
  • An additional 7 percent is produced in Canada.
  • Choosing propane is choosing to help domestic energy indepen- dance which results in more stable pricing.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Significantly lower carbon content than gasoline or diesel fuel
  • Capable of substantially reducing emissions:
    • Hydrocarbons
    • Nitrogen Oxides
    • Carbon Monoxide
    • Greenhouse Gases
  • Propane is non-toxic

Safety Advantages

  • Requires a higher temperature to ignite than gasoline or diesel fuel.
  • Does not puddle – vaporizes and dissipates into the air.
  • Cannot be accidentally ingested.
  • Built-in safety devices and shut-off valves.
  • Propane tanks are 20 times more puncture-resistant than gasoline tanks.