Recommended Maintenance Schedules

Depending on your type of system and the fuel that you burn, the maintenance you need to do will vary. Everything you need to know is in the appliance service manual that we included with your Welcome Kit.

In general, there are certain maintenance practices that you should always keep in mind:

  1. Have your safety controls tested.
  2. Have the gas piping tested for leaks.
  3. Report propane tanks that appear unleveled, excessively rusted or in general disrepair.
  4. Visually inspect your oil tank for signs of leakage.
  5. Have a qualified technician annually clean your furnace, do a system check-up and determine the efficiency of the fuel burning equipment.

Do it yourself

Interested in learning what you can safely do to maintain your own appliances? Interactive, step-by-step information is available at the Propane Education & Research Council’s website at

We Have a Service Plan for you

Some things will always need a professional, and of course we’re here for that. If you’d rather not worry about doing the rest yourself, save hassle and money with one of our Advantage Service Plan Options

Still overwhelmed? Want help figuring out the best maintenance schedule for you? Contact your nearest Eastern Service Department