Advantages of propane

Almost anything that runs on electricity can run on propane – more economically and reliably. Propane is efficient, readily available, plentiful, convenient to use and store, environmentally friendly, and safe. It’s also a quintessentially American energy source: 90% of the propane we use is produced in the U.S. (the other 10% comes from Canada and Mexico).

Major Benefits of Propane:

For business owners concerned about ROI, propane is the smart choice:

  • Propane appliances offer higher efficiency, less appliance maintenance and greater convenience over electricity and oil.
  • Propane is less harmful to the environment than fuel oil. When burned, propane emissions easily meet the standards for clean air set by the EPA.
  • Propane is less subject to the price spikes of oil, since 90% of our supply is produced here in the U.S. (and the other 10% comes from Canada and Mexico)

Superior ROI drives propane acceptance

Propane appliances have a short payback period. Initially, their purchase price can be more expensive than an electric model, but their high efficiencies mean you use less energy than appliances powered by electricity or fuel oil. You save money by using less fuel, achieving a faster ROI.

Modern, consumer-friendly design

Everything from fork lift trucks to patio heaters run on propane. Consumers respond enthusiastically to propane’s planet-friendly track record, and you will be glad about its reliable supply, flat pricing cycles and dependable performance. The bottom line: propane has come a long way in the past ten years, in both product design and modern design.

Expert advice from Eastern professionals

You have questions about how propane fits into your business plan. We have answers. The best way to determine the most suitable fuel source for your business is to rely on Eastern’s experience and knowledge. Ask an Eastern Energy Consultant for your free on-site consultation today.