Service plans

As a full service energy company, Eastern Propane offers regularly scheduled maintenance and 24 hour emergency service to its customers. To save money and ensure safety, consider signing up for one of our service plans. Call 800-523-5237 for more information or to sign up for a service plan.

Eastern service plans: the smart way to protect your investment

There are real advantages to signing up for an Eastern service plan:

  • Routine preventive maintenance boosts performance and lowers cost
  • Annual cleaning ensures to efficiency and safety
  • Emergency service (you speak to an Eastern employee 24/7, not an answering service)
  • Parts and labor coverage that can save you hundreds on some repairs
  • Flexible plans to meet your budget and maintenance needs

Preventive Maintenance – Routine maintenance of your heating system is easy to overlook, especially when coping with life’s daily demands. Preventive maintenance coverage keeps your system operating at optimal efficiency and contributes to long-term savings on heating costs.

Annual Cleaning – Staying on track with a cleaning schedule can extend the number of years you are able to use your heating system. With a Blue Ribbon, Red Ribbon or Basic Service Plan, your annual cleaning is included.

Emergency Service – When a mechanical failure demands emergency service, you are never alone. Even on nights, weekends and holidays – whenever you need us, we’ll be there with personalized assistance. Employees at our 24-hour call center are standing by to help evaluate your heating emergency and dispatch a technician if necessary. You will always reach an Eastern employee – never an answering service.

Parts & Labor – Even the most basic heating system repairs can add up to hundreds of dollars. Coverage for critical parts and labor will save you money, even on the most routine repairs.

Coverage Options Are Available – We provide flexible coverage options so you can choose the best possible protection to suit your needs and your budget. A high efficiency system is defined as any condensing furnace or boiler and will require high efficiency coverage.

Protect your investment with Eastern service plans

Contact us for Service Plan details. New plans are coming soon!

TankSure® coverage offers peace of mind

Replacing a fuel oil tank is very expensive. TankSure is designed to protect, monitor, and warranty your fuel oil tank. If your tank qualifies, we apply a fuel additive specifically formulated to stop your tank from corroding. Our service professionals monitor your tank with ultrasonic testing during annual cleaning. We track and analyze the test results, measuring changes to tank integrity over time and, if necessary, replace the tank before it leaks, fails, or presents other problems.

TankSure® coverage may be purchased on its own or as a option to the Blue Ribbon, Red Ribbon, Basic Service, or Conventional Water Heater Plans. It offers:

  • Proactive, transferable tank replacement (value of at least $1,000)
  • Scientific analysis and monitoring of your tank
  • EPA-approved ultrasonic testing technology
  • Potential insurance benefits

Call 800-523-5237 for more information or to sign up for a service plan.